Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 5

Just another wonderful day with World Relief

The staff members walk throughout the villages announcing there will be a show and lesson for the children. And all the children come running out and following him...and making their own announcements. 

Chang Nia, 12 years old, When asked how he came to know Jesus, he just smiled and said “Loak Kru,” which is the word for teacher. He pointed at the World Relief staff member. “My favorite Bible story and lesson,” said Chang Nia, “is definitely the one about Jesus dying and then coming back for me.” Chang Nia holds this hope close to his heart, as he struggles to grow up in a place where hope is scarce. 

The crowds of children get so big that they don't fit in the area, and some re-shuffling is required. 

Learning about prayer

Brought to you live from WR network...a show warning kids not to bathe in the stinky rivers and waters around their village, but to use l=clean water. 

Time for a lunch break in a beautiful place, complete with hammocks. 

Mala leading a game with Sitha (in plaid). Sitha's favorite lesson at these programs is on prayer. He says thatt he likes the parts in the Bible with people praying and he wants to be able to play for the people around him. I hope his words can inspire you as they have me to keep on praying, especially for the children of Cambodia.  

Even though the show is for children, it usually becomes a village event, with teenagers, babies, parents, and grandparents looking on in amusement. 

I just love these little faces. 

Somloan’s village has a church that some missionaries built there, but unfortunately only one family attends the church. Somloan heard about Jesus through a friend, who also told her about HFCC. She is so happy that her friend told her about Jesus that now she wants to tell other people about him too. When asked what her favorite Bible story is, she replied with a grin, “all of them.” Somloan (center) is 7 years old. 

My favourite WR driver, Sivan. I call him "Boo," which means uncle. He's quite the character. 

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  1. Every place I live--Japan, the US, Egypt, India--I think the children are the cutest anywhere. BUT I must say that these Cambodian kids are about as cute as I have ever seen!