Sunday, July 1, 2012

When I Think "Tyler"

When I think “Tyler,” I think:
Crazy and genius,
daiku-san and oisha-san,
Caregiver, Caretaker
Carefree, and Careful.

When I think “Tyler,” I think:
Big hands and tiny paper dinosaurs,
Big heart for tiny rodents,
Big laughs at Tiny Timmy,
Big dreams in tiny notebooks.

When I think Tyler, I think:
Silent brooding thoughts
Exploding sound effects,
Unravelling plots
Weaving stories,
Shy with the ladies,
With a dang good woman by his side.

A warrior and a peacemaker,
A pyro and a poet.
A man of paradox.
A man of integrity.

When I think “Tyler,” I think “love.”

...Today he turns 26, so give him a holla!

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    Love you, and am very proud of you!