Friday, July 20, 2012

An old Friend

What happens when you combine revolutionary politicians of Burma, old school rockers from Ireland, and a rapper from the streets of Chicago?

Here is my deep dark confession that most people already know about: I love Lupe Fiasco. I love most of his raps and even his newspaper columns. This column describes what would have been a magical night for a celebration of human rights, when the lady herself, Aung San Suu Kyi, was finally allowed to leave her house arrest and receive the Nobel Peace Prize she had been awarded on the year I was born. The event featured many heroes, including Bono.  In the article, Fiasco puts into words the all-too-common feeling of being a misfit in this generation, but then the realization that he was not the only badass at that event.

Check it out.

I hadn't listened to music in a long time, but early this morning, as the roosters and moto engines called me to rise, but my body begged me not to, I burrowed the earbuds deep into my ears, shut out the world for just a few minutes, and became reacquainted with some old friends. Sometimes that's just what I need after a tough few weeks.

Here's Lupe's manifesto written for his Lasers album.

Ok, the blog wouldn't be a true representation of myself if I didn't mention Bono and Lupe Fiasco at least once. That all. 

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