Friday, May 20, 2011

Work and other random updates

I'm in the process of getting a job with CRASH (Christian Relief Assistance Support and Hope), so I have a meeting for that on Monday, in which I will find out specifics about the job, and when I will work. But basically I will be leading groups of relief workers as they come in from the States. I'll pick them up from the airport, give them cultural orientation, and information on what they will do, and take them up to Tohoku to do relief work with them there, and then take them back to the airport. It sounds both interesting and challenging, and I hope it works out.

For a week in June I'll be doing a soccer camp for tsunami victim kids in Sendai and for 2 weeks in July I will be teaching at Honeybee English School in Tokyo. And beyond that I am babysitting my little cousin Ezra Zenjiro Potter (epic name?) and doing other childcare, going to the CRASH headquarters, and hanging out with friends.

Tomorrow my parents and I are going up to Takayama, and it will be my first time to see the disaster area. For those who don't know, the tsunami hit all along the coast, and miles inland, and the place where I have spent every summer, as well as trips throughout the year, and where I have many friends and people I would consider  family, was hit very hard. I have seen pictures and heard stories of the devastation there, but I don't know what to expect when I see it with my own two eyes.

Today there were 2 little earthquakes. These are not uncommon, indeed I grew up experiencing them all the time, but ever since the 9.0 one, they have come every few days, or even every day, and for many people who experienced the big one, these little quakes just make the emotions of the first one, and a sense of momentary panic flood through them again. It will take time to recover even emotionally for many people.

On a lighter note, I think its worth mentioning that I got e-mails from two of my awesome Wheaton friends this week. One sent me the newest Beyonce music video, and the other sent me a picture of a fingernail under a microscope... I'll let you guess who sent me each of these.

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