Saturday, May 14, 2011


Tadaima means "I'm home" in Japanese. And that I am! WOOOOOOO!
It was quite the journey--starting from Wheaton, driving to Grand Rapids with Meredith my RA, and hanging out with grandpapa and Jordan and other GR friends for a night. Had some terrifying driving experiences, including driving around the city for the first time, and accidentally ending up on the beltline going the wrong direction and having to do a Michigan left. I swear I felt like Zoolander--I can't do those darn left turns! (I ended up driving up over a curb in the middle of traffic in Jeepy). Then I had to drive back later that night through a legit thunder storm.
But I made it alive and hopped on a plane the next morning and flew on over to Tokyo.
The first things I did you ask? Buy a bottle of sokenbicha tea, get on a skyline train, drag my suitcase home, give my Mama a gigantic hug, get a huge glass of water at the tap and guzzle it before my mom could suggest bottled water because of radiation, (o well), look around at our beautiful (very different) house, and fall sound asleep. The next day we went to the track meet (great job everybody!) and I got a delicious sunburn, then I ate tofu with ginger (mmmmmmm) and went to Ofuro no Oosama (public bath) with Caitlin and her minions. Yep. This is the life.

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