Thursday, August 29, 2013

What's Next?

I ditched you all a year ago in the middle of total mid-transit limbo! I think that's a fairly good representation of my life in general, but I suppose I should mention that I am still alive and I am not in Cambodia. My stories and adventures from the past year may not be as entertaining as my HNGR internship reflections, But I’ve been encouraged (and kicked in the pants recently) to keep writing. I like to recognize the fact that there are stories and adventures everywhere in life. Maybe even especially in the common, overlooked areas, so why not.

I eventually found my way from Phnom Penh, through Japan, and on to America, frozen temperature shocks and warm reunions awaited me in January, but not before a rocking dance party with my dad. 

My final semester of college consisted mainly of capstone courses, finishing up papers and preparation for HNGR chapel, (which was insanely awesome), 

working at the café, and spending time with friends.

I got my diploma in May and hit the ground running. Literally.

I was excited to see my whole family, including the newest addition--my niece Soraya, (who becomes very significant later in this story)

I am excited, anxious, and somewhat relieved to announce that I have finished my time at Wheaton College. (Except for a $5 library fine they keep mailing me).

I moved to Atlanta mid-May to nanny for this little booger. 

Soraya and I have a lot of fun together. I put up with her pooping and bouncing, and that time she farted right when her butt was in my face. She reciprocates by being a bundle of joy and laughing at my weirdness.

She has become one of my best friends and confidants here—which may speak to the fact that she is super awesome baby or to the fact that I need to get out more.

I enjoyed meeting up with some old high-school friends and traveling to Michigan for a friends wedding and to see family and friends.

I’ve had a lot of fun going with Alanna and Gerson and the little munchkin to our cousins graduation, a concert in the park, a power washing party, some BBQs and game nights, and a gold cup soccer game!

I interviewed for a couple jobs. 

Embarrassing sidenote: A few of the jobs asked me to come back for follow up interviews, but I was too scared about driving, so I didn't show up. Since then I have been practicing my driving skills. I am proud to say that I can now successfully navigate Atlanta highways without sweating through my clothing. 

In July, I was offered a corporate communication job—writing, interviewing people for stories, and managing websites for clients--the biggest of which is Chick-fil-A. I started right away. It has been a bit crazy getting used to the "grown-up," corporate office atmosphere, and Chick-fil-A definitely has an interesting culture to jump into. I am taking it all in and learning a lot. I don’t really know what I want to be doing the rest of my life, but I like learning about how communication works on such a large scale and being able to contribute and hear interesting stories from people.
...But I may start saying "Eat more chicken" in my sleep.

At the end of July, I went to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of one of my bestest friends in the world—the beautiful Caitlin BERNEY. I can't believe she is married and my heart bursts with joy for this delightfully funky girl :)

It was an amazing few days in California. I got to see Grandpa Foxy, who told me of his "heavy burden to pray for a husband for me," and spent an evening at Huntington Beach with my Wheatie buddy, Michelle. 

From there I went to Japan where my family came together by the ocean.

I spent some time in Ishinomaki where Jordan has been doing development and mission networking work. He and his group started the Ishinomaki Christian Center, which is doing some really phenomenal work for people. We also loved visiting Nozomi Project, making beauty from brokenness.

I also loved getting to swim, jetski, and chill with my family for a few days at the most magical place on earth before coming back to work.

These past few months have been an interesting transition period. I moved on from a rather lonely and disorienting final semester of college to a peaceful, yet involved job nannying in a new city with new people and things to see and do and from there I sprung into a busy office life with so much to take in and dish out. I’m excited about Atlanta. It’s not Cambodia, but it is where God has placed me for the time being, and I know it is full of stories, adventures, creativity, and possibility. Wait for it. 

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