Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pchum Ben (National Holiday)

I had Monday-Wednesday off work for a Buddhist holiday in Cambodia, so I went with some friends to the riverside city of Kampot and the nearby coastal city of Kep. 

Kampot is a cute little town, proud of it's giant durian fruit statue in the center of the city. 
We wandered around along the riverside, which is famous for the street vendors who make fresh fruit smoothies. 

Our multi-course street-food dinner was delicious. 

From Kampot, we took a tour of Bokor mountain to see the mountains and ruins 

An abandoned church

Inside the church

A Buddhist temple on the mountain

The temple on the edge of a cliff--had an amazing view
Hannah and I 

The kids were getting pretty excited about something in that truck...

...It was monkeys

We climbed around (and into) a beautiful waterfall

Monument for "Grandma Mao," said to be protector of travelers and give good luck

We went on a boat ride along the river and made friends with the driver's little daughter. 

One night in a bungalow on the beach on Rabbit Island

Trekking through the jungle

Kayaking into open sea from Kep

Our island

Yet another beautiful sunset as we made our way back to the docks

 Cave exploration on our trip back. 

It was straight-up Indy Jones stuff

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  1. What a beautiful place! I'm so glad you could get away for a couple of days. Thanks for skyping yesterday - I miss you!!