Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ESL Photography Class

I finished my 2 weeks of teaching English and photography each day to the World Relief staff members. These are a few of the MANY photos they took. They seemed to understand the rule of thirds, framing, and props pretty well. 

For one of the last assignments, I had them each choose one picture that they took to write a story or caption about it. It was a difficult assignment for people in the process of learning the language, and often struggling with writing, but they were very good, so I'm going to share a few.

This is a picture of World Relief Cambodia's staffs. The first one who sitting in front is Mr. Tung. He is a good man. He always make other people smile with his funny, because he is very active in making joke. One another, he also a good worker, that he works so hard with his position as a children's teacher. He try to teach the children about healthy, and all children are like him. The second one who raise his leg up is Mr. Doeum. He is a teenager teacher, and he also a good worker. His smiling is showing that he welcome for me to take his picture. According to the activities in the picture, it show me that they are enjoy with each other, even though they are very tired from field work.

Hopeful Bring Smile
This picture is Mrs. Seur Nour. She is 53 years old. She is window, because her husband were died 20 year ago. She have to responsible on four children. There are three sons and one daughter. After her husband passed away she had a big house and a big land. Can say that she is high level of living. Unfortunately, two of her sons destroy her by play game and drug use. She sold every thing that she have to draw out her sons from that situation. But finally she nothing. She decided ask police to arrest her sons to send the drug transforming center. Through those things she was getting hopeless and hopeless. She feel so guilty because she couldn't bring their children to be good people and respect her.
One day someone brought good news to her about Jesus. Now she work for World Relief Cambodia, as cleaner. She work for eight years. In the working time after she clean, her job also help to other like waiting to open the gate. Sometimes she reads the Bible. After work to home she sewing some clothes to get add more earning to support her grandson's study. She said “Because of Jesus I have hope and enjoy more in my life...I am so happy...” Look this picture. She so hopeful. I love Seur Nour.

Teacher Teenager
This is my picture with my student at the Kroul Kor village. Am very happy when I can meet my student because he always join my teaching and he has sixteen year old. He study great. He has three sisters and one brother. He is good student.

A Strong Widow Can Live with HIV
This photo of the woman name Prom Orn She lived in Puk Russey Village. She wa 55 years old. She had has four children. Three daughters and one son. She lived with HIV/AIDS. Prom Orn was a widow. Her husband passed away about ten years ago. Her husband died because he had HIV/AIDS. Before her husband got sick, Prom Orn and her husband are farmers. Therefore, her husband also went to work at Phnom Penh city as a construction. Prom Orn took care of all her children at home. A few years later, Prom Orn's husband got very sick and died. Prom Orn did not know that her husband die because of HIV/AIDS. A few weeks later, she got sick as her husband got. But she still did not know about her sickness clearly.
Someone told her that, “Maybe you have HIV/AIDS as your husband.” Someone talk. It made her so sad. She worried too much about her health and her children. At that time she lived with hopeless and broken heart. Finally, Miss Nary came from World Relief Cambodia to help her. Nary told her about Jesus Christ's love. God loved all the people in the world. She knew Jesus Christ.
Anyway, she was living with hopeful and happiness. She became a strong widow. She could take care of all her children. And the people who lived around her had mercy on her. They did not hate her as before. Before, the people who lives around her they hate her because she has HIV, but right now they understood about HIV/AIDS. She was happy.

Target your Target

As we go hunting, fishing in our leisure time or doing business in our own busy day we always aim for our targets. The target of hunting and fishing is either bird or fish and business is money. But somehow in our life we should reach one target, which is helping. If all people can set this target in their minds and make possible, I believe it will make the world become a much better place.
As this man is aiming toward his target, we too should start now aiming and reaching to place where help is needed and never stop until we reach that target. The target of World Relief Cambodia now is to reach out to the poor, the hopeless, the helpless, the one in need for knowledge and new ideas so life can be changed. The air rifle needs to push the bullet toward it's target and World Relief needs your contribution and prayer so that the target will be hit.

The Friendly Man
This is a photo of Mr. Samnang. He is work as executive assistant of World Relief Cambodia. He was get married. And have two children. All of his family member are except Jesus Christ. Nowadays he lives in Phnom Penh. He is so gentle and friendly man in the office. He is a part of World Relief who have a good experience and good talent to work. Through this photo we can see that he worked hardly and have responsibility to his job as well.

Group Teacher HFCC
This is picture of World Relief Cambodia. When everyone see this picture, what are they doing? Yes! This picture HFCC Group, Kevin's group. And have one teacher he teaching the childrens. His name Sokra, and is Kevin's group. Where is Kevin? Yes! He taking photo action on his group. Sokra is teacher work with a childrens a long year and is so funny man and like the childrens and this picture we see many childrens listening. He ask childrens about what is childrens remember when they look at toy and drama. He said if who remember and answer he wills give one pencil, pen, or book for who answer. Everyone can answer to him. He very happy when he seen the childrens to be clever. After he asked the childrens already he goes with his group visit family of childrens. Other his group people go to another group for teach nearby. Everyone God bless.

Our last class was on family and family portraits. I had them orchestrate family portraits of our class. SO here we are!  

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  1. Your students learned well...they must have had a good teacher