Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 HNGR Covenant

This covenant was written by our Human Needs and Global Resources class as the 21 of us prepared to go out across the world for our 6 month internships. This is our prayer: 
Heavenly Father,
You are our refuge,
Our very present help in all things.
By Your grace we receive:
pardon for guilt,
freedom from shame,
hope for despair,
joy within sorrow,
courage for fear,
and peace for our anger.
Christ Jesus,
You are freedom for the oppressed
and dignity for the marginalized.
By Your grace, we ask
to join in Your redemptive work and
to carry Your death in our bodies
so that Your life is revealed in us.
Holy Spirit,
You are our strength,
the Sustainer of our Faith.
By Your grace, we affirm that you empower us:
to humbly receive transformation,
to stand alongside those who mourn,
to exalt you throughout the nations.
Holy Trinity,
in unity we confess our brokenness,
Knowing that we find wholeness in You.
Help us to be still and know that You are good.
Be with us now, Lord Jesus.


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