Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm just trying to create something original something great
That will stand the test of the hand of fate
That will send the message before its too late
Of peace, and a life worth living
What stands to reason is a life of giving
And being forgiven for all my screw-ups
From bad to bust, I think the past just threw-up
On my present—so its time I grew-up

I hate fruitless fighting when the flame spreads across
Until its holocaust, holla if you're lost
It's all about the boss, we gotta take a stand
Truth glides through my fingers like a slippery sand
It's hard to change the land when opposition is banned
And beauty is canned, it's like candy
We got Miller Lite instead of brandy
And-he says that it's all fine and dandy
Cuz you're afraid of Rameses, afraid to be Ghandi
We are all a little bit pansy.

I'm sinking right in to this perilous couch
With my eyes glazed over and my shoulders slouched
And Check this: I'm running out of Chex Mix
So I savour each bite like its Christmas
If you think watching the news will make you turn off the snooze
then you gotta stop drinking the government's booze.
When you let the TV put your mind on cruise control
then you lose control
Let corporations take what they choose: your soul.

When you see what it cost, all that you lost
Will you take the path walked like Robert Frost
Don't be tossed around, take the overgrown road
Get on your soles, lift your overblown load
Of knowledge--you can't buy that here,
So let's raise the sword to face the fear
Raise the pen to race the darkness
as it erases, gazes turn heartless.
Face this maze, don't be a living carcass
There's still a spirit of life that can spark this
change, don't save it for tomorrow, cuz mark this:

There's no day like today to say what you gotta say
I have to keep smiling or I'll cry every day
I have to keep moving or I sink into the clay
If we walk on, we're proving, we will find a way
not to lay on that apathetic couch in dismay
We won't crumble away. We won't tatter or fray
We'll choose the right battle and on that ground stay
rooted. As there are many more recruited
You can't compute it. we will not be muted!  

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