Friday, January 20, 2012

Too Cool For Cool

Let Me introduce you to the kings of microbrew
Beers, classy lattes and Argo tea too
They'll sink you like Titanic if you don't give them organic,
Free range, free trade—just don't make them panic
They gotta eat light 'cause their jeans are too tight
Welcome to the post-modern hipster plight.

Bodies emaciated, minds inebriated
But they never hated on you, unless you weren't like them.
Toms and Cons alternated with something funky and underrated
These are proudly paraded under a cuffed up hem.
All caffeinated and justice-related
With pricy bags faded, like thrift-store gems.

They like social justice and will gladly discuss this
In a cool little club playing underground tunes
But it's gotta be indie, 'cause that is what's trendy--
If too many know it then they're way too mainstream
Scarf-draped heroes with body mass: zero
Despite the appearance, they're not what they seem

Think society should be leveled, but hair perfectly disheveled,
while snapping photos and black and white stills
Thicker-rimmed glasses separates them from the masses
as well as other unique artsy skills.
Headbands with a T-rex, headphones and V-necks
Don't you know all this protesting won't pay the bills?  

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