Sunday, June 12, 2011

Soccer + Ministry? Yes please.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Sendai to help lead the “Love in Action” soccer and ministry trip. There are 40 high-schoolers coming, so it is guaranteed to be pretty crazy, but hopefully exciting and successful. We will be going to local middle schools to play soccer, teach English, and hang out with the kids there. Some of these schools are in pretty bad shape, supporting kids from several schools because some campuses were destroyed. Especially in locations, further north, and with lower elevation, kids have experienced deaths of friends, family, parents, and community members, as well as other tragedies, so we will probably be dealing with some traumatized youngsters. In just about any non-western setting, two very important things, which schools often welcome help with, are soccer and English. So this will be our means of reaching out to these communities. We will also be doing work projects, probably involving a lot of clearing rubble. Beyond this, everything is still very unknown, so I don't have any other details. We will have to be flexible, patient, perseverant, humble, and willing to just shower floods of love and energy out every single day. 

Meanwhile, tomorrow also marks the beginning of Gospel Team, a high school ministry of street evangelism and rallies for Japanese high schoolers, so they may hear about and come to know Christ. Joy Bible Camp will also be commencing this week, which is a summer camp for young children from all over Japan, coming together to have fun, build friendships, and learn about God and the Bible. 

All 3 ministries rev their engines tomorrow. All 3 are targeting kids of various ages all over Japan. It's incredible to see the potential and know that God has GREAT things in store for the next few weeks, and beyond. Please PRAY for all the camps, trips, ministry, work, and play going on, and for strength, compassion, and wisdom for all those leading. The Kingdom is NEAR! And I don't know about you, but I am STOKED to be even a small part of it! 

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